Puller Unit_126.996


Leister offers suitable accessories for every heat gun and automatic welder. Over 300 nozzles – in addition to customized products – welding rods, spare parts and much more are also available directly from Leister. Preparatory tools and machines like the new, battery powered grooving machine, GROOVER 500-LP, for example, are also available for the installation of resilient flooring coverings.


Puller E – Strong, Independent, Safe

The Puller E is a useful accessory for the SEAMTEK 900 AT and SEAMTEK W-900 AT welding machines from Leister. It helps guide the heavy material made of PVC and PE when overlap welding, hemming and other applications. In addition, the Puller E is easy to handle and quickly integrated into the SEAMTEK 900 AT or the SEAMTEK W-900 AT. Easily operated via the touch screen display, the Puller E can be individually configured to the needs of the user, the material and the respective application.

Start-up delay, pressure and speed can be set separately for the Puller E, which is particularly advantageous when processing sensitive plastic sheets made of PVC and PE. The SEAMTEK 900 AT and SEAMTEK W-900 AT are used to weld tents, truck tarpaulins, pool covers and advertising banners, for example. Additional power and compressed air are not required to use the Puller E. The Puller E is available as an accessory for the SEAMTEK 900 and the SEAMTEK W-900 AT from Leister. It differs in size from the Puller 2000, which is designed for the larger Leister welding machines like the SEAMTEK 2000 AT and SEAMTEK W-2000 AT. Additionally, the Puller E can be used in combination with the Table 900, which is recommended for welding heavy industrial fabrics.

Technical Data

126.996 Puller E