Tubular Nozzle_119.343


Leister offers suitable accessories for every heat gun and automatic welder. Over 300 nozzles – in addition to customized products – welding rods, spare parts and much more are also available directly from Leister. Preparatory tools and machines like the new, battery powered grooving machine, GROOVER 500-LP, for example, are also available for the installation of resilient flooring coverings.

Technical Data

ARTICLE 119.343 119.343
ITEM NAME Tubular nozzle (ø 35.5) ø 20 mm, 30 mm Tubular nozzle (ø 35.5) ø 20 mm, 30 mm
BRAND Weldy Weldy
NOZZLE CONNECTION Ø 35.5 mm / 1.4 in 35.5 mm / 1.4 in
PIPE DIAMETER (A) 20.0 mm 0.78 in
PIPE LENGTH (C) 30 mm 1.18 in
ANGLE (E) 0 ° 0 °
NOZZLE CONNECTION Push-fit connection Push-fit connection